Hey there, art lovers! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Constantine, the face behind The Echo After Silence. You might know me by my former pseudonym, ‘Konsgaard,’ but I’ve decided to step out from behind the curtain and embrace my true identity. Or you might remember that the website was actually called The High Arts Review in the past.

The decision to transition from The High Arts Review to The Echo After Silence was born from a period of reflection and valuable feedback from trusted peers. It became clear that the original name carried with it an unintended air of exclusivity, potentially implying a division between ‘high’ and ‘low’ arts—a distinction that felt misaligned with my vision of art as a universal language that transcends such categories. In seeking a name that embodies a more inclusive and approachable ethos, The Echo After Silence emerged as a title that captures the essence of art’s power to speak to us in moments of quiet and reflection, inviting a wider audience to explore the beauty and complexity of the arts without barriers. This name change represents a commitment to celebrating all forms of artistic expression, fostering a space where everyone feels welcome to discover and discuss the transformative impact of art in our lives.

So, who am I? Well, I’m a self-taught arts enthusiast who has spent a lifetime immersed in the worlds of classical music, cinema, and literature. I’m the kind of guy who finds joy in reading the Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music in the bathroom (well, back when it was still in publication!) or snuggling up with issues of Gramophone Magazine, Cahiers du Cinéma, Sight and Sound, and various literary magazines. These aren’t just hobbies for me; they’re lifelong passions that have shaped my understanding and appreciation of the arts.

My journey as an art reviewer began in my teenage years, when I scribbled thoughts on films, music, and books in my trusty notebook. As I grew older, my passion found a wider audience through various platforms, including newspapers, magazines, and websites. I even dabbled in blogging, running separate blogs for each art form before finally deciding to bring all my musings together under one digital roof. And thus, The High Arts Review was born, now rebranded as The Echo After Silence!

Now, you might find it ironic that despite my deep love for the arts, my academic background is actually in European Politics and Education Policy. I hold an MSc and am currently working on my PhD. But hey, life is full of wonderful contradictions, isn’t it? My thirst for knowledge extends beyond the arts and academia, too. I’m a certified life and business coach, dedicated to helping artists, classical musicians, and anyone in need unlock their full potential.

When I’m not writing reviews or coaching, you’ll likely find me at the gym. Yep, I’m a NASM-certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who loves lifting weights almost as much as I love elevating the standards of art criticism!

My vision for “The Echo After Silence” is both ambitious and deeply personal. I aim to demystify the high arts, exploring their intricacies with a blend of wit, wisdom, and sophistication. To temper any sense of arrogance, let me emphasize that the main raison d’être of the website is to interpret the works I review and add a personal touch. This approach allows me to delve into the inner intricacies and impact of the arts, whether on a personal level or beyond. Whether I’m reviewing a newly released film, discussing a classical music masterpiece, or analyzing a groundbreaking literary work, my goal is to revive the art of detailed criticism.

As for my favorite artists? I adore Bach, but I’ll always maintain that Beethoven, Bruckner, and Allan Pettersson (if you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out!) are my top symphonists. In the world of cinema, I have an unwavering admiration for Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, and Michelangelo Antonioni – in that specific order, mind you! When it comes to fiction, I often cite four writers as my favorite novelists: Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Mann, Henry James, and, of course, Marcel Proust!

So, that’s me in a nutshell – equipped with a curious mind, a playful sense of humor, and a keen -albeit annoying- eye for the subtleties (I’ll often complain about a cough in a pianissimo passage or comment on a film’s opening credits format!).

I warmly invite you to explore the rich tapestry of the arts alongside me at “The Echo After Silence.”